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Louie Petit


Louie Petit
Lecturer and Assistant Debate Coach
Office Location: GAB 326
Faculty profile
Curriculum Vita


Assistant Director of Debate:
Assist students with argument development and research
Create and manage research assignments and schedules 
Review student research assignments
Research Interest – United States Politics, US/Iran relations, US/China relations, Nuclear weapons development, Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, Replacement Reliable Warhead, and many other areas 
Research Interests: 
United States and Iran Relations 
1979 Revolution, National Identity and Culture, Shi’ism and Politics, Iran and the West. Geopolitical Oil Constraints, and Iran, Israel and the West. 
Rhetoric and Argumentation 
Aristotle, Stephen Toulmin, Toulmin’s Model and Contemporary Argument, Fallacies, Ethical Evaluation of Argument, 
Comm 2040 – Public Speaking 
Comm 2140 – Rhetoric & Argument 
Comm 3840 – Debate & Argument 
Master of Arts
Missouri State University; Springfield, MO
Communication, May 2008
Thesis: "Identity and America"
Emphasis: Rhetoric and Argumentation
Bachelors of Arts
William Jewell College; Liberty, MO
Political Science, December 2006