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In the Department of Communication Studies, we realize that for a variety of reasons you may want to begin your degree at one of the excellent two or four year colleges in the state before transferring to UNT to complete your degree. One of our goals is to make that process as transparent as possible. To that end, we have created advising sheets for area colleges that provide important information as you make decisions about which courses to take.

As you enroll in courses at area colleges, please keep these factors in mind:


· While almost all courses you take at colleges will transfer to UNT, the most important factor in making decisions about which courses to take is whether they will transfer as equivalents for UNT requirements.


· The state of Texas has passed new laws that increase tuition once a student has taken 150 hours without completing a degree. This number includes all courses you have taken, including repeated courses and courses from which you withdraw after the drop-add period has ended.


· As you select courses, you need to keep these questions in mind:


o   Does the course fulfill a requirement for my Communication major?

o   Does the course fulfill a requirement for the UNT Core Curriculum?

o   Does the course fulfill a requirement for the College of Arts and Sciences Core Requirement


Please click on your Academic Year below for a transfer guide.