Mark Congdon | Communication Studies

Mark Congdon

GAB 302

Personal Bio:
Mark Congdon Jr. comes to UNT from the University of Maine as a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Communication and Journalism. He holds a M.A. (2013) in Communication Studies from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Mark is also a former special education teacher in Raleigh, North Carolina, and is a Teach for America alumnus. Outside of teaching and research, Mark is a huge Buffalo Bills fan, loves to cook, perform karaoke, and travel, especially to the beach.

Research Interests:
Mark's scholarship and pedagogy explore innovative teaching and learning practices that increase the civic engagement and career readiness of students by using a social entrepreneurship education model with a critical communication pedagogy.

Communication Pedagogy & Educational Leadership: Experiential learning; service-learning; civic engagement; utilizing innovative practices of teaching, leadership, & mentoring; critical & interpretive approaches to leadership & student development; critical pedagogues; project-based learning; social entrepreneurship; social innovation; data-driven instruction; relationship-based pedagogy

Culture & Organizational Communication: Critical & interpretive theories of culture & organizational communication; how cultural ideologies are produced, consumed, performed, hidden, & resisted through communication & in/within education and organizations; intersections of class, race, disability, gender, &/or sexual orientation with student learning, success, & leadership

Research Approaches and Methods: Qualitative: ethnography & textual analysis; Critical/cultural; Mixed methodological approaches

Selected Publications:

Herakova, L. & Congdon Jr, M. (in-press). Let Your Self in: Mentoring from/on the Margins of

Academia in the Millennial Context. In. A. Atay & M.Z. Ashlock (Eds.), Millennial

Culture & Communication Pedagogies: Narratives from the Classroom & Higher Education. Lexington Books.

Congdon Jr, M., Herakova, L., & Bishop, J. (2017). Calling-in the Family: Dialogic

Performances of Family Conflict. [Special issue: Critical Communication Pedagogy and Social Justice]. Communication Teacher. Retrieved from

Herakova, L. & Congdon Jr, M. (2017). Calling-in Identities and Communication in the College

Classroom: What do you say to students?. In S. Chen, J. Chen, & N. Allaire (Eds.), What Do You Say? Narrative Constructions for Various Populations Surrounding Donald Trump's Presidential Victory. Lexington Books.

Russell, V. & Congdon Jr, M. (2017). Long-term impacts of Communication Activism

Pedagogy: Guiding principles for future research. Communication Education, 66(3), 373-

376. doi: 10.1080/03634523.2017.1291982

Congdon Jr, M., Mette, I., Mercado, A., Lindenfeld, L., & Tupper, E. (2016). ELL teachers'

attitudes of Google Earth for inquiry-based instruction on ELL students' language

development in a rural New England state. Diversity, Social Justice and the Educational

Leader, 1(2), 6. Retrieved from

Herakova, L., Bonnet, J., & Congdon Jr, M. (2017). Centering information literacy (as) skills

and civic engagement in the basic course: An integrated course-library collaboration. BasicCommunication Course Annual, 29(1), 109-120. Retrieved from

Jovanovic, S., Congdon Jr, M., Miller, C., & Richardson, G. (2015). Rooting the study of

communication activism in an attempted book ban. Partnerships: A Journal of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement, 6(1), 115-135. Retrieved from

Congdon Jr, M. (2014). What's wrong with me?: An autoethnographic investigation of the co

cultural communicative practices of living with Tourette syndrome during adolescence. The Qualitative Report, 19(50), 1. Retrieved from

COMM 3120: Nonverbal Communication
COMM 3010: Communication Perspectives
COMM 3320: Communication & Conflict Management
COMM 3420: Communication & New Technologies
COMM 3922: Organizational Communication

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