Faculty Research | Communication Studies

Faculty Research

Interpersonal, Digital, and Organizational

Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed

Research Interests: Group Communication, Organizational Communication, and Communication Technology

Recent Publication: "Understanding aggressive and non-aggressive individual behaviors in MMOPG" Social Interaction in Virtual Worlds

Dr. Karen Anderson-Lain

Research Interests: Pedagogy and Communication: Online and blended learning; service-learning and community engagement; assessment; instructor's identity negotiation of "otherness", Interpersonal Communication: Communication and Aging; Intergenerational communication; age-stereotypes; grandparent-grandchild relationships; media representations of aging; family communication

Recent Publication: "Assessing the student, faculty, and community partner in academic service-learning: An analysis of internet campus compact member surveys" Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement

Dr. Brian Richardson

Research Interests: Whistle-Blowing/Peer Reporting of Unethical Behavior and Disaster/Crisis Communication

Recent Publication: "We were all in the same boat:" An exploratory study of communal coping in disaster recovery' Southern Communication Journal

Dr. Zuoming Wang

Research Interests: Computer-Mediated Communication, Social Computing, Decision-Making in Virtual Groups, and the Effect of New Technology on Social Interactions and Interpersonal Relationships

Recent Publications: "Social identification and interpersonal perception in computer-mediated communication: Who you are versus what you do in virtual groups" Human Communication Research​

Communication, Culture, and Public Discourse

Dr. Suzanne Enck

Research Interests: Domestic Violence, Critical/Cultural Rhetorical Frameworks, Media and Film Studies, Gender/Women's Studies, Critical Race Studies, American Studies, Ethnography/Performance Studies, Cultural Studies, and Critical Legal Studies

Recent Publication: "The Literacy of Pain: Narrating Identities in the Face of Death" Departures in Critical Qualitative Research, 2015

Dr. Mark Hlavacik

Research Interests: Public Address, Rhetorical Criticism, Educational Policy

Recent Publication: Assigning Blame: The Rhetoric of Education Reform in the United States (Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Press, forthcoming Fall 2016).

Dr. Brian Lain

Research Interests: 20th Century Rhetorical Criticism and Theory, Materialism and Poststructuralism, Japanese American Rhetorics

Recent Publication: "Kritiking as Argumentative Praxis" Speaker and Gavel

Megan Morrissey

Research Interests: Ways Language Constitutes/Influences Cultural Conditions

Recent Publication: "Playing the Race Card: Discourses of (Anti)racial Bordering and the Possibility of Alchemic Metaphors" Review of Communication


Dr. Jay Allison

Research Interests: Literary and Performance Theory and Criticism, Narrative Theory and the Narrative Structure of Everyday Life, Southern Culture and Fiction

Recent Publication: "It's all set in the stars": adapting and staging Lee Smith's "Intensive Care"Text and Performance Quarterly

Dr. Justin Trudeau

Research Interests: Genealogy and Cultural Literary History

Recent Publication: "Specters in the Rear-View: Haunting Whiteness in Jack Kerouac's On the Road" Text and Performance Quarterly

Dr. Holley Vaughn

Research Interests: Performance and Culture, Performance as Critical Praxis, Tourism, Historiography, Hauntology, Performance Art, Narrative Theory, Ethnography, Gender and Queer Studies, Rhetoric and Nationalism

Recent Publication: "Why Tourism Matters: Connecting Intercultural Communication and Performative Pedagogy in the Communication Classroom" Competitively Selected. World Communication Association.