Coaches and Debaters | Communication Studies

Coaches and Debaters



Brian Lain - Director of Debate

Louis Petit - Associate Director of Debate

Colin Quinn - Debate Coach

Danny Abraha - Graduate Assistant Coach

Hunter McCullough - Student Assistant

Policy Team

Wegahta Abraha

Daniel Martinek

Daniel Rowe

Luis Gerardo Avila

Javier Lopez

Cortez Proal

Parli Team

Abron Hester

Derrian Doblado

Garrett Hammonds

Logan Boehmisch

Domenique Hester

Margaret McGhee

Avery Davis

Emily Jackson

Jovontae James

Colin Aslay

Megan Hill

Amanda Hall

David Davidson


Luis Avila

Derrian Doblado

Garrett Hammonds

Megan Hill

Javier Lopez

Daniel Martinek

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