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Give to the Communication Studies Department

Your gift counts! Every gift made to Communication Studies helps the department advance toward a higher level of teaching and research. Whether you give annually, establish an endowment, give to an existing scholarship, or make a one time donation to the department, there is a giving opportunity and method to match every interest, at every level. We are one of the fastest growing undergraduate majors at the University of North Texas. Over the past five years, the number of Communication Studies undergraduate majors has increased by over 70%! Help the department grow even more and cultivate the best and brightest students!

The scholarships available to donate to are: Communication Studies, John Gossett Debate, Louis Stricklin, Lesa Woody, DeMougeot, Olive M. Johnson, and Curtis Loveless. If you would like to donate to the various activities the department holds throughout the semester, you can also give to our unrestricted gifts account.

To access the online giving page, please click on the scholarship you would like to donate to below:

Communication Studies
J.S. Gossett
Louis Stricklin
Lesa Woody
Olive M. Johnson
Curtis Loveless
Debate Unrestricted Gifts

If you are interesting in creating your own endowed scholarship please contact our Department Chair.

For more information on our scholarships, visit the Communication Studies Scholarships and Financial Aid page.

With a young, dynamic, and collegial faculty, the undergraduate and master's programs in Communication Studies are growing and changing dramatically. The faculty has been formidably enhanced in recent years, and we continue to build on our strong traditions in (a) Interpersonal, Digital, and Organizational, (b) Performance Studies, and (c) Communication, Culture, and Public Discourse. We have committed to our ongoing programmatic expansion by supporting a Student Learning Center, a dedicated Performance Space, a Communication and Social Influence Research Office, and a Computer Mediated Communication Research Laboratory. The faculty and graduate students, working independently, collaboratively, and as members of interdisciplinary research teams, have improved our publication rates as well as our presence at regional, national, and international conferences.

We are proud of our accomplishments and are constantly striving to improve our standing in the College, the University, and the larger Communication Studies discipline. Our goal is to build on this momentum and to cement our position as an outstanding undergraduate program in Communication Studies and as one of the premier terminal master's programs in the nation.

Donors play a key role in these efforts and can participate through a variety of giving opportunities. You can make an important difference in the life of the department by supporting scholarships for undergraduates and/or funding of department initiatives.

Thank you for your donations!