2015 Undergraduate Interns! | Communication Studies
May 13, 2015

2015 Undergraduate Interns!

Ten Communication Studies undergraduate students completed internships this semester. The students will earn course credit along with gaining practical experience in communication-related professions.

Through internships, students are able to see connections between their coursework and their organizational experiences. Sara Wright, who interned at United Way of Denton County said, "I enjoyed having the chance to impact the organization's future by providing feedback based on my college studies. Rhetorical theory helped me a lot."

Cassie Wheat, who is interning with the National Breast Cancer Foundation, said, "What I like best about my internship is that I am encouraged to ask questions, propose new ideas and seek out opportunities to take on new responsibilities. I am able to build great relationships and contribute to a great cause that I never knew I could be passionate about. It is rewarding to know my small acts make a big difference."

Blyss Agency intern Sydnee Prince said, "I really liked being able to attain real world work experience while in college. I was able to use plenty of the aspects that I learned in my communication classes in application in my internship."

Christian Kaehn is doing an internship with Texas DYEnamics. He said, "What I like most is the various types of people that I get to interact with every day as well as the exposure I have received to the operations of the automotive industry."


Our interns include

Karly Angol (TK Print Shop)

Taylor Bell (Pearson Education)

Ranae Fithian (First United Methodist Church of Denton)

Alyssa Jenkins (Department of Communication Studies)

Christian Kaehn (Texas DYEnamics)

Sydnee Prince (Blyss Agency)

Austin Shubert (All Things Hospitality)

Catalina Torres (James Wood Motor, Inc.).

Cassie Wheat (The National Breast Cancer Foundation)

Sarah Wright (United Way of Denton County)

Some of our interns, hard at work!

(From left to right: Sarah Wright, Cassie Wheat, Christian Kaehn, Taylor Bell, Austin Schubert, and Alyssa Jenkins)