5th Annual COMM Alumni Mentoring Program (CAMP) 2023 | Communication Studies
April 4, 2023

5th Annual COMM Alumni Mentoring Program (CAMP) 2023

The fifth-annual COMM Alumni Mentoring Program (CAMP) was recently held on campus connecting about twenty alumni and the same number of students. A primary goal of CAMP is for mentors to provide guidance for students on a multitude of topics including networking, interview skills, negotiating salary, resume building, and much more. One point of emphasis at this year's event was that mentoring is a two-way street, and students are just as likely to provide important advice and knowledge to their mentors. "CAMP sets up strong, reciprocal relationships between students and alumni," said Dr Brian Richardson. "We couldn't do it without our alumni who are so enthusiastic about giving back to the COMM department." Holly Hutchins, UNT's Vice Provost of Faculty Success, and a COMM alumna, served as one of the keynote speakers for the event and offered key insights about the importance of honoring one another's identities as integral to the mentoring process.

Alumni, if you are interested in mentoring for CAMP at next year's event, please contact Dr. Brian Richardson at Brian.Richardson@unt.edu.