Comm Ambassador Tutoring Hours | Communication Studies
November 17, 2014

Comm Ambassador Tutoring Hours

Comm Ambassadors are here to help students with upcoming assignments and projects in the lower level Communication Studies courses. As students who took those classes, the Ambassadors can provide helpful advice and creative ideas.

Here is a list of all your Spring 2015 Comm Ambassadors, which course they specialize in, and their office hours:

Kenzie Muckway (2020): Wednesday 10-12

Catalina Torres (2020): Tues/Thurs 9-11

Lucas Martin (2060): Thur. 11-1

Cotton Hensely(2060): Thur. 3-4

Sarah Write (2060): Mon. & Wed. 4-5

Alyssa Jenkins (2140): Friday 2-4

Taylor Bell (2140): Mon., Thur. 8-1; Tues. 8-2; Fri 8-11

Austin Schubert (2140): Mon., Wed., Thur. 1-5; Friday 11-5