Communication Studies Departmental Awards 2012-2013 | Communication Studies
April 8, 2013

Communication Studies Departmental Awards 2012-2013

On Friday, April 5 the department held it's 9th Annual Departmental Awards ceremony. Many of our undergraduates and graduate students were awarded Outstanding awards in our various fields and the faculty recognized the diligent and exceptional work of our student organization officers. Check out our Facebook page for photos from the events! Here is a complete list of our award winners:

Recognition of Student Organization Officers

Charlotte Jackson (President, Fall 2012), Dezzra Gomez (VP Communication, Fall 2012 & President Spring 2013), Erika Manquero (VP Finance, 2012-2013), Ricky Roque (VP Academic Development, Fall 2012), Rachel Hyatt (VP Social Programming, Fall 2012), Rebeca Sanchez (VP Philanthropy, 2012-2013), DeLori Brittain (3010 Tutoring Coordinator, Fall 2012), Chelsea Tyrie (VP Communication, Spring 2013), Caitlyn Cawley (VP Academic Development & 3010 Tutoring Co-Coordinator, Spring 2013), Mya Parker (VP Social Programming, Spring 2013), and Mary Knickerbocker (3010 Tutoring Co-Coordinator, Spring 2013) - Lambda Pi Eta

Jesse Snider (President), Caleb Wood (Vice President), Matthew Stewart (Public Relations), and Natalie Scardis (Social Coordinator) - Performance Interest Group

Ricky Alvarado (President), Chelsia Lynette (Vice President, Membership), Lauren Stokes (Marketing Director), and Caitlyn Cawley (Historian) - NCA Future Pros

Dezzra Gomez & Gretchen Messersmith - College of Arts & Sciences Ambassadors

Laura Maninger (President), Kara Brittain (Vice President), Flora Ceka (Social Coordinator), and Kali Schmidt (Secretary) - Communication Organization of Graduate Students

Shelby Pryor (President), Colin Quinn (Vice President), and Brian Searles (Secretary) - Debate

Teaching Assistants

University Wide of Honors Awards

Brian Kersch, Outstanding Student in Debate

Kara Brittain, Outstanding Graduate Student in Communication Studies

Mya Parker, Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Communication Studies

Miranda Chesson, Graduate Service Award in Communication Studies

Caleb Wood, Undergraduate Service Award in Communication Studies

Jesse Snider, Ted Colson Award for Excellence in Performance

Departmenal Awards

James Nichols, Outstanding Undergraduate Research

Mary Knickerbocker, Oustanding Undergraduate Mentor

Sam Gist & Hailey Drescher, Outstanding Graduate Scholars

Matthew Stewart, Outstanding Performance by an Undergraduate Student

Jake Beck, Outstanding Performance by a Graduate Student

Alyssa Lucas-Bolin, Outstanding Teaching by a Graduate Student

Brad Garland, Horizon Award