The Cookie Jar Blackbox Show | Communication Studies
April 8, 2016

The Cookie Jar Blackbox Show

Join us for The Cookie Jar in the Black Box Theatre!
Written and Directed by Kyle A. Hammonds and Matea Ivanovic.

Showtimes are at 7pm April 21,22,23,29 & 30th.
Visit GAB 309A for reservations with a $5 donation.

When five women with loosely related pasts wake up in a fancy, but prison-like dining room, the group is forced to confront tensions from their collective past[s] as they attempt to escape. Manipulating the situation is a malevolent captor whose presence complicates the women's past in bizarre ways. The events in the dining room include crimes, captors, creatures (including cats!), cadavers, cacodemons, comics, consumption, communion, cookies… and, it's a comedy. Kind of.
The characters in THE COOKIE JAR experience a variety of eerily familiar communication phenomena related to unchecked entitlement and violent masculinity, as presented in the context of contemporary fairy tale horror.