Debate YouTube Bowl | Communication Studies
April 2, 2014

Debate YouTube Bowl

Every semester, the students of COMM 2140: Rhetoric and Argument explore advocacy and discovery through argument in the public sphere. As part of that process, each student works closely with a single argument from a very prominent source: The New York Times. Each student first examines an editorial from the Times commenting on an issue of the day, then they formulate their own response to this argument created by the editorial board at the Times and put their own advocacy on youtube to let any and all interested in the issue participate. This year we are hosting a competition between students to see who can respond best to these editorials: the 2140 Youtube Bowl! As advocates in the public sphere, the students have crafted, revised, edited, and recorded their own speeches to make their voice a part of these important conversations. Here you will find links to the original editorials in The New York Times as well as the UNT student responses.

To participate in the YouTube bowl please click here!