Department celebrates year of student and faculty successes | Communication Studies
May 4, 2011

Department celebrates year of student and faculty successes

On Friday, April 29th, the Department of Communication Studies celebrated an outstanding year of student and faculty successes at UNT. In a ceremony artfully emceed by Dr. Justin Trudeau, a packed room of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, family, and friends cheered each other on for accomplishments in teaching, debate, performance, service, and research.

The artful emcee, Dr. Justin Trudeau

The 2010-2011 academic year was an exciting one for UNT's Department of Communication Studies--bringing notable successes in student and faculty research productivity, a debate national championship, formal UNT recognition of Lamda Pi Eta (the undergraduate honorary) and COGS (the graduate student organization), and measurable teaching excellence across the board. In its 7th consecutive year, the annual awards ceremony honors and rewards students and faculty for all of their hard work and accolades.

This year's honorees were:

Lambda Pi Eta Officers: Jenna Barclay, Lisa Cannon, Miranda Chesson, Alex Christensen, Emily Ferguson, Brittany Hale, Humphrey Ibeabuchi, Kristen McCaffery, Andrew Neiford, Annebel Ramos

NCA Future Pros Officers: Miranda Chesson, Kassie Hernandez, Larrah Lewis, Neeley Raitt, Eric Sambulak, Lindsey Stiles

Dr. Brian Richardson & NCA Future Pro Officer Miranda Chesson

College of Arts & Sciences Ambassadors: Colin Edge & Steve Newton

COGS Officers: Bethany Germany, Norma Jones, Damla Ricks, Sara Shaunfield, Bethany White-Turner, Ben Wilemon

COGS Officer Bethany White-Turner & Dr. Darrel Enck-Wanzer

Performance Interest Group Officers: Kaitlyn Hill, Arielle LaGuette, Kim Nall, Raul Platas, Stevie Walker Webb

Dr. Justin Trudeau & PIGS Officer Kim Nall

Debate Team Officers: Mackenzie Dunham, Shelby Pryor, Amy Schade

Debate officer Amy Schade & Dr. Brian Lain

Teaching Assistants: Kristin Biery, Miranda Chesson, John Cline, Lane Davis, Matt Davis, Brett Farmer, Bethany Germany, Norma Jones, Jessica Killough, Jenna Ledford, Ani Lovoll, Rachel Lowe, Beth Kaszynski, Benjamin Nye, Meaghan Oestry, Lauren Sabino, Sara Shaunfield, Melodee Sova, Ben Wilemon, Travis Williams

Masters & Doctoral Fellows: Blake McDaniel, Hannah Novak

Blake McDaniel & Dr. Karen Anderson

University Wide Awards:
Outstanding Graduate Student: Sara Shaunfield

Graduate Service Award: Norma Jones

Outstanding Undergraduate: Natasha Kastner
Undergraduate Service Award: Brittany Hale
Ted Colson Award for Excellence: Kim Nall
Outstanding Achievement in Debate: Shelby Pryor

Department Awards:
Outstanding seniors: Samantha Duque, Brittany Hale

Undergraduate Research Award: Brittany Hale (left) & Miranda Chesson (right)

Outstanding Graduate Scholar: Stephanie Burt

Outstanding Performance by an Undergraduate Student: Meredith Perry

Outstanding Performance by a Graduate Student: Bethany Germany

Outstanding Teaching by a Graduate Student: Damla Ricks (left) & Lauren Sabino (right)

Outstanding Graduate Internship: Teen Leadership Course, Bethany White-Turner
Comprehensive Exam Award: Damla Ricks

Thesis of the Year: "The Long Goodbye: Uncertainty
Management in Alzheimer's Caregivers" by Sara Shaunfield

Horizon Award: Brad Garland

Faculty Awards:

Left: Research of the Year: Darrel Enck-Wanzer (given by Rachelle Avery)
Right: Service of the Year: Suzanne Enck-Wanzer (given by Blake McDaniel)

Professor of the Year: Jay Allison
Advisor of the Year: Elaine Wittenberg-Lyles