Dr. Hlavacik Publishes Article on the Opt Out Movement | Communication Studies
March 9, 2016

Dr. Hlavacik Publishes Article on the Opt Out Movement

Along with his Penn State education colleagues Dr. Dana Mitra and Bryan Mann, Dr. Mark Hlavacik published a new article, "Opting Out: Parents Creating Contested Spaces to Challenge Standardized Tests," in the March 7, 2016 issue of Education Policy Analysis Archives. In their article, Mitra, Mann, and Hlavacik examine how the opt-out movement responded to the strange mix of stringent federal testing policy and the weak, often variable implementation of those policies at the state level. Talking with movement leaders and analyzing movement discourse online and elsewhere, Dr. Hlavacik and his colleagues discuss the role of ambiguity as both a policy strategy for state government and a resistance strategy for movement members. The article is available here. In addition, there is a video of Dr. Mitra and Bryan Mann describing the article available here.