Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed's Latest Publication | Communication Studies
October 14, 2015

Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed's Latest Publication


Congratulations to Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed for his latest publication entitled "Understanding Aggressive and Non-Aggressive Individual Behaviors in MMOPG". This article will be published in the book Social Interaction in Virtual Worlds in 2016.

Here's a little more about this publication: Aggression is a widely researched topic in relation to media and technology. Since the beginning of media effects research, scholars showed significant interest on the effect of violent media contents, mostly to demonstrate a cause-effect relationship between media content and aggression. This study moves away from non-conclusive media-aggression relation hypothesis (considering both lines of thoughts) and considers aggression as a stable characteristic of individuals. This study paves way to study virtual world as well as other new media actions and behaviors from a socio-psychological perspective to predict aggressive individuals from their virtual world behavior.