Dr. Mark Hlavacik Receives Team Mentoring Grant | Communication Studies
June 1, 2016

Dr. Mark Hlavacik Receives Team Mentoring Grant

Congratulations to Dr. Mark Hlavacik and a cross-disciplinary team for receiving a $5000 Research Colloquium-Team Mentoring Grant from the Office of Faculty Success within the College of Arts and Sciences. The grant was spearheaded by Hlavacik in search of a more inclusive way to continue the former Communication Studies Department's "New Voices, New Perspectives" annual research conference. Hlavacik contacted various departments of allied disciplines and organized a team consisting of, Sara Champlin, School of Journalism, Jordan Frith, Technical Communication, Kyle Jensen, Department of English, Robin Lakes, Dance and Theatre, George S. Larke-Walsh, Media Arts, Teresa Marrero, Department of Spanish, Dana Nogay, Technical Communication, and Jacqueline Vickery, Media Arts. Together they set a goal to gather $12,000 for a year long event including various guest speakers that would bring departments together and spark more ambitious research for faculty and students. Hlavacik writes in the original grant application that, "These visitors will make presentations about the research opportunities they oversee, network and workshop with faculty, visit UNT classrooms, give public presentations, and meet with UNT graduate and undergraduate students." Hlavacik noted while looking for guest speakers, "We wanted to look for the best way to support research here at UNT with mentor options such as scholars, editors and grant writers that would show everyone how to design and execute larger interdisciplinary research projects." He also mentions the benefits are many, but he believes it will ultimately build better scholarly relationships with people studying communication. On the list of presenters so far are four journal editors, one of which specializes in politics and will be discussing the upcoming presidential candidates, Georgia State Professor of Communication Studies Dr. Mary Stucky. Also, National Cancer Institute Program Director for the Health Communication and Informatics Research Branch Dr. Wen-Ying (Sylvia) Chou will be visiting. The event will take place during the 2016-2017 school year. When asked about making this an annual conference, he said he would like to but it might be something on a smaller scale the next year unless they receive funding again. Stay in touch on social media for further announcement of speakers and dates.