Dr. Megan Morrissey receives Top Paper Award at SSCA! | Communication Studies
January 11, 2017

Dr. Megan Morrissey receives Top Paper Award at SSCA!

Congratulations to Dr. Megan Morrissey who will be receiving a Top Paper Award at the Southern Speech Communication Association (SSCA) annual convention this April. Her paper addresses artist Gabriel García Román and his series titled Queer Icons. In this work, García Román features queer and trans people of color, representing them in a manner that is consistent with renaissance era religious artwork. This juxtaposition creates a moment in which his audience confronts questions about who belongs in certain spaces, the influence of normative social forces (such as religion), and the audiences own perceptions and beliefs. Developing and utilizing what Pérez and Brouwer (2010) have called queer decorum, Dr. Morrissey argues that García Román uses perspective by incongruity (Burke, 1984) to revise the relationship between the center and margins, rearticulating what counts as art, where it ought to be viewed, and its efficacy as a rhetorical strategy.