Dr. Richardson interviewed for Swiss magazine! | Communication Studies
February 24, 2014

Dr. Richardson interviewed for Swiss magazine!


Dr. Brian Richardson was recently interviewed and quoted by Julie Zaugg, a Swiss journalist, for her story entitled "Give Warning against All Odds," about the personalities and motivations of whistle-blowers such as Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, and Julian Assange. The story was published in the most recent edition of the magazine Hemispheres. Hemispheres is a bi-annual magazine, published by a group of Swiss universities, with each edition devoted to a different topic.

Translated excerpt:

Brian Richardson, professor of communication University of North Texas, has developed a typology comprising three types of donor alert. "There are those who are on a crusade, always on the lookout for a behavior to denounce idealists who are willing to report abuse they see and accidental whistleblowers who do not realize the scope of what they saw or heard and are shocked by the effects of their revelations. "

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