Exciting COMM internships | Communication Studies
October 12, 2011

Exciting COMM internships

Communication Studies student Brian Alexander is interning for ESPN radio (103.3 FM) in Dallas. Brian said, "The thing I enjoy most about my internship is getting to work with so many different companies and people. I work a new event almost every other week whether it be for a sports broadcast about football, or even a high school event with Verizon. When you work promotions, you get to be put on the front line of directly interacting with so many people, which is what suits me best since I am studying communication."

David Colunga, Communication Studies senior, is also doing an internship. David is interning with the Communities in Schools program in Denton Independent School District. David is putting his communication education to work in his interactions with administrators, parents, and teachers. He said "One of the things I like is that we are required to initiate and maintain relationships with the students parents. Everyday after school, I have to greet and talk to the parents as they pick up the students." David added that "Instead of creating a negative environment I provide a sense of community and try to help my students with any issues ranging from school work to home, or emotional issues. I enjoy what I do and time flies, it doesn't feel like a job at all. I am very happy with my internship."

For more information about the Communication Studies internship program, please contact Dr. Brian Richardson at richardson@unt.edu.