Graduate students conduct an interview workshop for ODWIN | Communication Studies
April 23, 2013

Graduate students conduct an interview workshop for ODWIN

Graduate students Monica Strauss, Hailey Drescher, Kara Brittain, Jennifer Lees, and Jo Lugo conducted a job interview training workshop for members of Opening Doors for Women in Need (ODWIN). The team facilitated the workshop, which was held on Saturday, April 20, at ODWIN's headquarters, as part of Dr. Brian Richardson's Communication Consulting class.

"The best part about the workshop was realizing the effect I could have on people, just based on my knowledge and experiences. It was a elating feeling knowing that I had helped someone in their job search. After the class, one participant approached me and explained that the workshop really helped him understand the best way to obtain a job and how to address his criminal background appropriately, which he was fearful of before attending the class," said Strauss.

The mission of ODWIN is to provide needed services for women who have experienced emotional trauma that has let to pain and suffering. Pictured with the students (fourth from left) is ODWIN's founder Sandra Stanley.