Lambda Pi Eta Induction | Communication Studies
May 4, 2011

Lambda Pi Eta Induction

On Friday, April 29, the Mu Alpha chapter of Lambda Pi Eta inducted seven new members. The honor of being inducted into our departmental honorary society is bestowed upon our best and brightest students. The name Lambda Pi Eta is represented by the Greek letters L (lambda), P (pi), and H (eta) symbolizing what Aristotle described in his book Rhetoric as the three modes of persuasion: Logos meaning logic, Pathos relating to emotion, and Ethos defined as character credibility and ethics. The UNT chapter of Lambda Pi Eta emphasizes the importance of scholarship, community, and service.

Alex Christensen, Humphrey Ibeabuchi, Jackie Wihite,
Kristen McCaffery, Alexia Sasser, Samantha Duque, Brittany Hale,
Andrew Neiford, Jonah Kuehne, Ashleigh Miles

The organization hosts a number of events each year including life skills workshops, departmental study breaks, game nights, and outreach to local non-profit organizations (this year we adopted Denton County Friends of the Family). Graduating seniors also wear the highly coveted gold honors cords at graduation, proclaiming to the world that they are proud of their Communication Studies degree.

To Qualify for Membership, a student must:
--Have completed at least 60 hours
--Have completed at least 12 hours in Communication Studies
--Have a cumulative g.p.a. of 3.0
--Have a g.p.a. of 3.25 in Communication Studies courses
--Be in good standing with UNT
--Display commitment to the field of Communication Studies

Students wishing to learn more about our chapter of LPH should contact Dr. Suzanne Enck-Wanzer for more information at