Spring 2012 COMM Undergraduate Student Internships | Communication Studies
April 23, 2012

Spring 2012 COMM Undergraduate Student Internships

Every semester, the Communication Studies department works with students that show an interest in getting hands-on experience with their degrees. Dr. Brian Richardson, head of our department's internship program, assists students in finding internships that utilize their skills in communication and help further the knowledge of a career they may wish to pursue. This semester, six undergraduate students are participating in an internship.

Paris Clark is working as an intern with The Arthritis Foundation in Dallas, TX. She is in charge of social media communication and other forms of awareness for arthritis. Along with Communication Studies, her minor is Marketing. She says that working with social media is a great experience for both Communication Studies and Marketing.

Jackie Wilhite is an intern with Vilcom, working as a brand ambassador for the Showtime television network. Her primary goal as an intern is to rally students on campus to assist in getting Showtime in the university dorms. She is in charge of organizing events and building relationships with the student community at UNT.

Humphrey Ibeabuchi interns with the UNT Multicultural Center as a Programs Intern. In this postion, he organizes events and programs that involve many of the diverse organizations and groups on campus. He interacts with many students and works to understand the desires and needs of each group. His courses in communication studies have assisted him in his ability to work with diversity in race, gender, and religions on campus.

Other student interns include Ricky Alvardo, Laura Maninger, and Jessica Snodgrass. Ricky is working with the NTDC Governmental Internship Program in Washington, D.C., Laura is working with UNT Press, and Jessica is working with Coy Transport Services, LLC.

If you are an undergraduate and are interested in our department's internship program, please visit us in our office in room 309A in the General Academic Building.