Student Spotlight - Taylor Bell | Communication Studies
February 15, 2016

Student Spotlight - Taylor Bell

Taylor is graduating in May with a BA in communication studies with two minors in marketing and management. Co-President of Lambda Pi Eta. College of Arts and Sciences Ambassador.

Q: What do you want to do after graduating?
A: My plan right now is to go to graduate school for an MA in communication studies. Afterwards, I would love to work in corporate communications or social media marketing.

Q: Why did you choose communication studies?
A: Honestly, I didn't choose the COMM life, the COMM life chose me. I came to school with the intentions of being a psychology major but realized there was a time commitment in future careers that I wasn't ready for. I was taking a public speaking class at the time and realized how much I loved it and switched my major ASAP!

Q: What was your favorite COMM class? Why?
A: My favorite COMM course was Dr. Morrissey's Rhetorics of Sexuality. This class completely changed my thinking about gender, sexuality, and queer studies and fostered an environment where students were able to ask questions and really grasp the concepts of the course.

Q: What do you do with LPH and College of Arts and Sciences Ambassadors?
A: I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Lambda Pi Eta, the communication studies honor society. LPH allows the best and brightest COMM majors to meet with each other, learn, do philanthropy and social events, and have fun. Bre Mapston and I are co-presidents of the organization and we love working together to coordinate events and really make a difference with the students in our department. I have also enjoyed working with the College of Arts and Sciences Ambassadors. I am a part of the organization for the second year and have had the opportunity to speak with new students at UNT, talk to them about communication studies, and help out in the community.

Q: What do you enjoy about being one of the communication studies librarians?
A: I love my job on campus. The best part of working in the communication studies library is getting to meet so many fellow COMM majors, get to know them, and learn along with them. I often edit papers for students who are taking COMM 3010, and it is always so exciting to see what students are writing about and what they are passionate about. I always learn so much while I'm working, which makes this job so dynamic and fun. I also have an amazing relationship with the faculty and staff in the department. Our COMMunity is the best!

Q: What's it like being the social media intern for the department?
A: When I worked on social media for the department, I had the amazing opportunity to work closely with my boss, Kara, and learn how to effectively use social media and design our website. I learned that I loved working with the department to make changes to our website and the ways in which we contact students and our alums. It's been an amazing opportunity!

Q: What other internships do you have?
A: Right now, I work with Pearson, the world's leading learning company. When I started school, I was a campus ambassador at UNT where I got to work closely with students and faculty in order to teach students how to use our learning materials. When I was 19, I received a promotion and now get to help manage the campus ambassador program while working on social media. I have had the opportunity to meet many Pearson executives and go to National Sales Meeting trips in Orlando and San Diego to work on professional development and networking. I've also met so many amazing students during Leadership Summits and Phi Theta Kappa National Conventions in New York, Austin, Boston, and San Antonio. It's always so weird to say that I found what I'm passionate about at 19 years old. Working with this company combined with the work that I do on campus has absolutely been the best!


Q:What's your favorite food?
A: I have so many favorite foods, but I will never deny a perfect chicken fried steak.
Q: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
A: Teleportation! I want to be able to go to places immediately and without flying because I'm a bit scared of heights.
Q: What's your favorite activity?
A: I love cooking/baking. I can make some killer cookies.