Two Rhetoric Faculty Awarded Key Intramural Grants, Fellowships | Communication Studies
April 7, 2011

Two Rhetoric Faculty Awarded Key Intramural Grants, Fellowships

Dr. Darrel Enck-Wanzer and Dr. Suzanne Enck-Wanzer will both enter summer 2011 with Research Initiation Grants and Junior Faculty Summer Research Fellowships from the UNT Office of Research and Economic Development. The Research Initiation Grants, each totaling $7,500, are grants intended to "stimulate and aid faculty members at the beginning of their academic careers." The Junior Faculty Summer Research fellowships provide "partial summer salary support [of $5,000 each] for faculty early in their academic careers to enable them to concentrate on research activities during summer months."

Dr. Darrel Enck-Wanzer will receive his grant and fellowship in support of his book project, tentatively entitled "All Power to the People: The Young Lords and Radical Democratic Possibilities." This project critically engages archival and interview materials (like those from his last book, The Young Lords: A Reader [NYU Press, 2010]) in order to recover a set of radically democratic principles and practices for a multiracial society. Dr. Suzanne Enck-Wanzer will receive her grant and fellowship in support of her project entitled "Telling Their Stories: Writing Abuse Out of the Lives of Incarcerated Women." This project bridges communication scholarship and community outreach with Resolana (a Dallas-based nonprofit organization serving women in jail) in order explore how power and resistance circulate in women prisoners' recovery narratives.

Both Drs. Enck-Wanzer have already begun work on their projects and will continue that work full-time throughout summer 2011.