UNT Comm Student Summer Internships | Communication Studies
August 4, 2015

UNT Comm Student Summer Internships

Seven Communication Studies undergraduate students completed internships this summer. The students will earn course credit along with gaining practical experience in communication-related professions.

Lila Friedlander, who interned in the Washington, D.C. office of U.S. Representative Henry Cuellar, said, "What I enjoyed most was the opportunity to use so much of what I learned from communications classes in my internship. Because of the writing skills I've learned, I had the opportunity to draft letters and even write some speeches for the Congressman. As someone who hopes to go into politics, I also discovered what a large variety of career choices I have, beyond just running for office myself.

Markevia Jackson is doing an internship with Cultural Strategies in Dallas. She said, "What I like most about my Internship is that I get the opportunity to actually work on projects that I can add to my resume. I'm not just shadowing consultants but I working alongside them. So far this has been an amazing experience and I am grateful for the chance to work with awesome people."

Students interested in doing an internship, might consider the advice of Kassie Mitchell, who interned with All Things Hospitality. She said, "My advice about picking your internship? Do the thing that would like to do more than anything in the world. Decide what you can be the best in the world at, and do that."

Ryan Field is interning for the Harris County District Attorney's office in Houston. She said, "I have learned a lot about how the criminal justice system runs. This internship has made me much more aware of the hard work our government does in order to put harmful criminals in jail and guarantee justice for the victims of crimes."

Pictured working at their internships are: Lila Friedlander (Office of U.S. Representative Henry Cuellar), Ryan Field with her father Dennis Field, an investigator at the Harris County District Attorney's Office, and Lauren Guest (Intelix Solutions).

Other students and their internships included: Kylee Ince (Northwestern Mutual), Markevia Jackson (Cultural Strategies), Kassie Mitchell (All Things Hospitality), and Jenna Reneau (Osky Blue).