UNT Debate wins second tournament in 2 weeks | Communication Studies
October 19, 2015

UNT Debate wins second tournament in 2 weeks

For the second weekend in a row, two students from the University of North Texas debate team won a regional debate tournament.

Darrian Carroll and Hope Sauceda, both senior political science majors, were undefeated at the Kansas City Kansas Community College tournament Oct. 9-11, arguing the topic "Resolved: The United States should significantly reduce its military presence in one or more of the following: the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, the Greater Horn of Africa, Northeast Asia." Carroll was named the tournament's top speaker and Sauceda the second best speaker. P.J. Martinez, another UNT debate team member and a sophomore philosophy major, was named the third best speaker. Martinez and Rowe, also undefeated, placed second at the tournament. The teams posted wins over Southern Methodist, the University of Missouri at Kansas City, the University of Texas at Dallas, Missouri State, Concordia College, and the University of Kansas over the course of the weekend.

The win at Kansas City Kansas Community College follows a UNT Debate win at the For the Sake of Argument Swing Parlimentary Tournament held on Oct. 2-4 at Texas Christian University. Garrett Hammonds, a sophomore communication studies and political science major, and Abron Hester, a sophomore political science major took the first-place award by defeating a team from TCU. UNT Debate, which had two other student teams participating, also received a second-place sweepstakes award as a squad. In addition, Hammonds received a second-place poetry award and Hester placed sixth in impromptu speaking.

Written and Photo provided by Dr. Brian Lain