UNT Debate's Big Win!! | Communication Studies
January 29, 2014

UNT Debate's Big Win!!


This past weekend of January 18-20, the North Texas Debate team competed at two different tournaments and had extraordinary levels of success at both tournaments. The University Debate team sent four teams to the Bear Shock tournament hosted by Wichita State University located in Wichita, Kansas. Those four teams consisted of juniors Darrian Carroll, Lila Friedlander, Hope Sauceda, sophomore Bryan San Miguel and freshmen Brenden Dimmig, Roberto Caballero, Steven Kayo, and Jesse Anyalebechi. Meanwhile the debate team had two teams invited by invitation to the Val Browning Round Robin hosted by Weber State University, located in Ogden, Utah. Those teams consisted of seniors Brian Kersch, Colin Quinn, Hunter McCullough and Sophomore Max Anderson.

At the Val Browning Round Robin the team of Brian Kersch and Max Anderson finished their preliminary debates with 6 wins and 1 loss, including wins over Kansas State, Wyoming, and California State University-Fullerton. They advanced to the final round to debate a team from Michigan State University. Where they won on 2-1 decision and were crowned the 2014 Val Browning Round Robin Champions . Brian Kersch was also recognized as the Top Individual Speaker at the Round Robin. The team of Colin Quinn and Hunter McCullough finished their preliminary debates with 6 wins and 1 loss including wins over Arizona State, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, Wichita State, and Gonzaga. They nearly missed being in the final round as well finishing 2nd in their pod. Hunter McCullough was recognized as the 2nd Speaker and Quinn was awarded 5th Speaker.

The Team had similar success at the Wichita State tournament. The team of Roberto Caballero and Steven Kayo finished their preliminary debates with 5 wins and 1 loss including notable wins against UT-San Antonio, the University of Northern Iowa, and Lindenwood University. They advanced to the elimination rounds and lost on a close decision in the semi-finals. The Team of Jesse Anyalebechi and Bryan San Miguel finished their Preliminary debates with 3 wins and 3 losses narrowly missing the Elimination debates.