UNT Improv Comedy Club Wins Regionals!! | Communication Studies
March 13, 2015

UNT Improv Comedy Club Wins Regionals!!

Cotton Hensely, a senior, is a part of the UNT Improv Comedy Club. In early February, this organization sent Cotton's troupe, known as Role Out The Barrel, to Houston, TX to perform in the Southwest Regional Improv Tournament. This event was nationwide and hosted 400 comedy troupes. Out of 400 teams, Role Out The Barrel, along with 11 others, advanced to Nationals. Cotton's troupe not only advanced, but they also achieved first place at the Regional Improv Tournament! For the second year in a row, Role Out The Barrel claimed the title of Regional Champions. Congratulations guys!! This National tournament begins March 13th, 2015.

The additional members of Cotton's troupe include Jason Pollard (Junior), Seth Jones (Junior), and Jose Rodriguez (Sophomore).