This Week in UNT COMM Studies | Communication Studies
February 6, 2012

This Week in UNT COMM Studies

As we welcome in this week, we encourage you to check out our YouTube page! Maybe you'll find out why we are "something to talk about!"

This Wednesday, February 8, the Performance Interest Group will be having their bi-weekly meeting in GAB 321 at 4PM. One of our department's graduate students, Andrea Lovoll, will be leading a workshop on performance theorist, Augusto Boal. In the workshop, you will be highly interactive with other members of the department and have a chance to get to know your scholastic peers! The meeting is open to all majors, so fellow COMMies, bring your friends!

To all the graduate students in the department, the Communication Organization of Graduate Students, or COGS, will also be having a meeting in the COMM Library, GAB 301, at 4PM on Wednesday. For more information and to keep up-to-date with COGS events, follow them on their Facebook page!

Remember to follow the department on our Facebook page to stay informed about happenings in the department! Hope everyone has a fantastic week!