Debate-A-Palooza | Communication Studies


Debate-A-Palooza is an event held by UNT Debate in which it hosts different types of events throughout the day once a year. These debates include some debaters and also some UNT students.

The Debate Team invites you to this semester's Debate-a-Palooza which will be held during COMM Day 2023!

You can learn more about COMM Day 2023 Here.


Date: April 20th, 2023

Location: University Union 2nd and 3rd floor rooms

Topic: The U.S. Federal Government Should Pass the Assault Weapons Ban of 2023 (S.25)



Room Affirmative Team Names Negative Team Names Judge
227 Dayo Akinyede, Zach Thomas, Ally Hux, Adam Benjamin Valentina Marinaro, Khylar Robinson Christophe, Cydney Hernandez, Kesia Lukusa Meredith Stuart
225 Quinn Kandra, Cole Howell, Alexis Broussard,Lucy Ritchie Faith Logan, Mariah Sontoya, Sasha Sanchez Emma Darby
229 Kendrick Hurst, Jayden Griffin, Grayson Atzenhofer, Shari Cardozo Ray Van Vleck, Stella Duke, Ellie York, Olivia Schiller Trevor Holcombe
381 Alo Martinez, Marina Lebbie, Haley McKenzie Aker Webster, Chloe Otis, McKenzie Walch, Eve Adams Emily Maly
382A Amy Barned, Collin Rue, David Ramirez, Aretha Raibon Anthony Council, Deigo Contreras, Bri Jackson Cynthia Oliveros
382B Carter Williams, Kiley Overstreet, Mykadariela Rangel, Shuhara Chowdhury Maggie Schmit, Gunn Brom, Cat Isom, Julia Morrow Kamren Cohen


Room Affirmative Team Negative Team Judge
229 Rylee Jacobs, Meegan Houser, Em Houle Benji Zavala, Kole Davis, Tianna Griffin, Maya Cooper Andrew Ho
381 Anna Gross, Aqsa Ghafoor, Iridian Torres, Leen Al-Noubani Blake Oleen, River Bailey, Sam Godfrey, Isaac Nathan Adrian Tam
382A Aubrey Hosler, Brooke Lapolt, Evan Welch Emma Moore, Steph Davis, Hanna Zeba, Kelsey Wallick Bailey Parrish
382B Kailey Dietz, Mikaili Durant, Dylan (Ylla) Brandt Stevie Vore, Meredith Kirk, Elizabeth Tuyubahe, Reilly Flood Colin Quinn