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COMM Future Pros

What Is COMM Future Pros?

The COMM Future Pros is a student-based professional and social organization. Our organization was established here at UNT in 1999 and continues to expand every year.

COMM Future Pros is dedicated to providing members with valuable resources and tools to prepare them for the rapidly expanding, and changing, communication oriented job market. In combination with a Communication Studies minor or major, the COMM Future Pros can be extremely useful in your post-graduation success.

Who is Eligible?

Any student here at UNT currently designated as seeking a major or minor in Communication Studies is welcome to become a member. Also included are faculty, staff, and alumni from UNT's Department of Communication Studies.

Membership Benefits:

1. Access to student internships. (Great for building experience while in school)
2. Tips for résumé building. (It's hard to get a job without a good résumé)
3. Professional networking opportunities. (Get your foot in the door)
4. Get to know your professors, TA's, and other upper-level Communication majors. (Practice networking, one of the many valuable communication skills for future employment)

Spring 2024 Officers:

  • Bri Branscomb - President

  • Jack Macy - Vice President, Marketing

  • Brent Weiske - Treasurer

  • Chantal Obi - Historian


We are constantly seeking enthusiastic students who are interested in making their Communication Studies degree work for them. We are planning on visiting some of the individual classes to say more about the organization and to distribute membership applications to interested students.

If you are already a member and have some suggestions regarding guest speakers, volunteer work, special events, or if you are not a member and just have a few questions, please feel free to email us at:

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