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Degree Program

Graduate Degrees

The department offers graduate programs leading to the following degrees:

Master of Arts*
with a major in communication studies, or

Master of Science
with a major in communication studies.

The master's degree requires the completion of at least 36 hours of graduate coursework on an approved Master's Degree Plan. There are three options for completing this degree:

  • 36 hours of coursework, including 6 hours of Master's Thesis and oral examination
  • 36 hours of coursework, including 3 hours of Research Problems in Communication (COMM 5930) plus a comprehensive examination
  • 36 hours of coursework, including 3 hours of Graduate Internship in Communication Studies (COMM 5481) plus a comprehensive examination.

*The Toulouse Graduate School has a foreign language requirement for the Master of Arts degree. Many incoming graduate students have already fulfilled this requirement in completing their bachelor's degree. There is no expectation that our graduate students will take foreign language classes as part of their master's degree program -- students who have not fulfilled the foreign language component in their bachelor's program will earn a Master of Science degree.

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