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Dr. Joseph McGlynn

Dr. Joseph McGlynn
Associate Professor
GAB 320E

Personal Bio:

Dr. McGlynn received his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin in 2014. Following completion of his Ph.D., he served as a Postdoctoral Fellow for the UT-Austin Center of Identity, a research center addressing online identity management, privacy, and security. Dr. McGlynn is an alumni of UNT, receiving his M.A. in Communication Studies from UNT in 2006 and his B.A. in Psychology from UNT in 2002. Dr. McGlynn's research investigates health communication in emerging risk contexts, with a focus on improving health communication efforts by identifying influential factors that affect risk perceptions and risk judgments. His work has been published in the Journal of Health Communication, Management Communication Quarterly, Communication & Sport, Journal of Sport & Social Issues, and other prominent outlets.

Representative Publications:

McGlynn, J., Baryshevtsev, M., & Dayton, Z. (2020). Misinformation more likely to use non-specific authority references: Twitter analysis of two COVID-19 myths. The Harvard Kennedy School Misinformation Review, 1(3), 1­-16. https://doi.org/10.37016/mr-2020-37

McGlynn, J., Boneau, R. D., & Richardson, B. K. (2020). "It might also be good for your brain": Cognitive and social benefits that motivate parents to permit youth tackle football. Journal of Sport & Social Issues, 44(3), 261-282. https://doi.org/10.1177%2F0193723520903226

McGlynn, J., & McGlone, M. (2018). Desire or disease? Framing obesity to influence attributions of responsibility and policy support. Health Communication, 34(7), 689-701.https://doi.org/10.1080/10410236.2018.1431025

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