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Dr. Mark Hlavacik

Associate Professor
GAB 320A

    Professional Bio:

    Dr. Hlavacik joined the faculty at UNT in 2014 after completing his PhD at the Pennsylvania State University. His research examines the ethics and tactics of public argument with a concern for their effects on public policy, civic culture, and education. Dr. Hlavacik has published scholarship on the rhetoric of education reform, social movements, the presidency, and civic education. In the Department of Communication Studies, he is a member of the rhetoric faculty, the graduate faculty, and he is the faculty advisor to the COMM Library.


    Mark Hlavacik, Assigning Blame: The Rhetoric of Education Reform (Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Press, 2016).



    • Daniel G. Krutka and Mark Hlavacik, "How Do We Discuss Controversial Issues?: Three Approaches to Framing Critical Inquiries," Social Education 86, no. 3 (2022): 197-203.
    • Mark Hlavacik, "The Rhetorical Secretary," Phi Delta Kappan 101, no. 4 (2019): 8-13.
    • Brian Lain, Mark Hlavacik, Matea Ivanovic, and Brian Ontiveros-Kersch, "Recovering Debate Coach as Civic Figure: Highly Active Debate Coaches, Their Participation in Civic Outreach Activities, and Reward Perceptions," in Recovering Argument, ed. by Randall Lake (New York: Routledge, 2018), 369-374.
    • Heather Adams, Jeremy Engels, Michael J. Faris, Debra Hawhee, and Mark Hlavacik, "Deliberation in the Midst of Crisis," Cultural Studies <=> Critical Methodologies 12, no. 4 (2012): 342-45.


    • Rhetoric & Inequality, COMM 5440.
    • Rhetorical Methods, COMM 5340.
    • The Rhetoric of Other Worlds, COMM 4345.
    • Rhetorical Theory, COMM 4040.
    • Propaganda & Persuasion, COMM 3445.
    • Rhetorical Criticism, COMM 3340.
    • Public Speaking, COMM 2040.
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