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Dr. Megan Morrissey

Megan Morrissey
Assistant Professor
GAB 328

Personal Bio:

Dr. Megan Morrissey received her Ph.D. from the University of Colorado Boulder (2013) and joined the UNT Department of Communication Studies in the fall of 2013.

Megan could not always claim the West or the Rockies as her home. She spent a good deal of time in North Carolina, receiving her BA in English, Spanish and Communication Studies from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (2002). Immediately afterwards, she accepted a teaching position at a local public high school and spent the next four years teaching Spanish, receiving training in the International Baccalaureate program, and serving on the School Improvement Team. Working with this diverse student body inspired a curiosity in race and social justice that eventually led her to pursue an M.A. in Communication Studies from UNC-Greensboro (2008).

As a scholar, she is constantly working to develop insightful contributions to the communication discipline. The overarching questions that drive Dr. Morrissey's research stem from consideration of the ways that language constitutes/influences the cultural conditions that inscribe people's lives, and who benefits and is disadvantaged by such discursive constructions. Her published essays, in-press manuscripts, and other work currently under review apply a critical approach to a variety of nontraditional texts, including video narratives, documentary films, online discussion boards, news media, and reports on human rights.

As an instructor, Megan brings an enthusiasm and interest for how a variety of communicative practices inform the daily aspects of people's lives, and is committed to conveying the importance of understanding such practices for participation in the (re)production of those social conditions of which we are all a part. Her scholarship is driven by a desire to explore how the ways that people talk about different identities and different bodies influences their inclusion or exclusion from social and/or cultural groups. Megan sees the time she spends in the classroom as intimately informed by her research, and the research that she is conducting being equally affected by her teaching.

When she's not writing and researching, Megan can be found sampling local beers, exploring bike trails, or perfecting her skillet cornbread recipe. She enjoys life in the Little d with her partner, Jenn, and their pups, Indigo and Kona.

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