Erik Larsen | Communication Studies

Erik Larsen

I graduated from UNT in August 2013. I majored in Communication Studies and minored in Creative Writing. I started interning at Group 1200 Media in May 2012 in the Original Entertainment department. Group 1200 Media is an entertainment production company and distributor based in the DFW area. The Original Entertainment department acquires intellectual properties such as books and video games and produces animated and live-action films based on those properties. As an intern, I worked on the animated film Mass Effect: Paragon Lost. I was hired on as a departmental coordinator and assistant to the executive producer after my internship ended. I continued working while I finished my degree, and have since been promoted to Original Entertainment Specialist and Associate Producer on the films my group creates. As a Specialist and Associate Producer my responsibilities include contract negotiation, union relations, due diligence research, film concept and script evaluation, and project management and scheduling. I have recently worked on films such as Bullet, Hoovey, and Left Behind Kids: Vanished. When I'm not working I like to write and travel.

My Communication Studies degree has been a great benefit to my career. I use the rules I learned in COMM 3010 on a daily basis when writing to clients, preparing presentations, or giving notes on film scripts. I use the skills I gained in non-verbal communication and conflict management when negotiating contracts, rates, and schedules with unions and consultants. My knowledge from Organizational Communication and Interpersonal Communication helps me deal with a variety of personalities and gives me insight as to how I can tailor my work to the style and preferences of each client.

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