About the COMM Library | Communication Studies

About the COMM Library

The Department of Communication Studies maintains a disciplinary library and workspace for the benefit of its faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students.

The COMM Library includes:

  • 1600+ Volume Collection of Communication Scholarship and Research
  • The COMM Studies Course Shelf
  • Desktop Mac and PC Computers
  • Study Space
  • Copier
  • Scanner

The COMM Librarians

The COMM Librarians are Communication Studies majors who maintain the library's collection, oversee its technological resources, and provide assistance to COMM Studies students and faculty.

Michelle Wingard

Michelle is a Communication Studies major with a focus in performance and she is a senior, graduating next spring. She is from Highland Village, Texas and a fun fact about Michelle is that she has four sisters and she has flown a plane.

Lexie Nelson

Lexie is a senior, graduating next spring, and she is majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Marketing. She is also taking graduate level courses since she is working on her Master's in Communication Studies. Lexie is from Arizona but was raised on the East Coast, and some fun facts are that her favorite things include coffee, Marvel, the beach, and traveling.

Seth Knievel

Seth is a double major with Communication Studies and English Literature, graduating in May 2019. He is from Austin, Texas but was raised in Colorado Springs. A fun fact about Seth is that he collects type writers and antique clocks.

Dr. Mark Hlavacik, assistant professor of Communication Studies, is the faculty advisor for the COMM Library.


General Academic Building 318


Fall & Spring Semester

  • Weekdays 8:00AM - 5:00PM

Summer Semester

  • Closed




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